Doctor Don't


  • Disrespect or ignore the court.

  • Ignore our responsibilities as doctors.

  • If not specifically requested otherwise, you should offer to hand over the documents.

  • Place complete confidence in your Advocates.

  • Give unnecessary details.

  • The mere existence of a case at the Consumer Forum should not fill you with fear or terror.

  • Use vague or generic terms in your discourse.

  • Engage in conduct that is rude, violent, or inhumane.

  • It is better to avoid talking to patients or their loved ones.

  • In difficult circumstances, don't be scared to ask your bosses or coworkers for advice.

  • Either over- or under-prescribe. Never issue a prescription without first evaluating the patient in-depth. Accept no substitutes.

  • Push yourself to go beyond your present level or area of expertise. Don't let your expectations go too high.

  • Be critical of your coworkers since it's probable that you would have acted similarly and made the same mistake if you had been in their shoes. You can never be certain of the circumstances under which anything like this occurred.

  • Change or fiddle with the papers in any way.

  • Engage in unethical or illegal behavior.

  • Use willing subjects for your experiments.

  • Present fictitious or fraudulent certifications. The fact that the certificate was provided upon request is not a defense..

  • In a critical or emergency situation, in no event should the treatment be neglected in favor of fulfilling the legal obligations. Do not substitute your own clinical judgment for the use of current diagnostic tools.

  • Excessive research

  • The practice of administering numerous drugs all at once is known as shotgun therapy.

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